Reflections on the Divine Spark IN


When you talk about the divine spark, it has so much resonance with me. I feel that it expresses something that doesn’t have any words at all, because it transcends all words. It speaks about the conscious nature of the divine and infinitely magnificent universe itself—which is no different from us. In fact, when we’re really paying attention to who we are, we know that the universe, in all its magnificence, is always speaking in us, and through us, and as us. All we need to do is to sometimes step away from our ego and our mental, intellectual machinery and remember that we have a tremendous, hidden potential that is as magnificent as the entire universe. That’s what I feel when I hear the term ‘divine spark.'


— Barbara Fields, Executive Director, Association for Global New Thought

IN workshop in Burgos, Spain, February 2018


"I could feel the strength of the circle, where nobody is more than anyone else. The joint intention of the heart. The fact of using the body to attract energy and offer it to the world. The strength of the community. There are no distances. When people get together from the heart, it really works."

IN workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2017


"When I practice this new IN, I only feel my being while I am doing it. I have experienced many changes in myself. Today it was wonderful. I was enveloped in a calm and peace so huge, so huge, so huge, that it is impossible for me to explain. I felt the presence of a being of light who embraced us with unconditional love, who conveyed so much protection, so much, so much peace, that it is indescribable with words. I have never felt this before. I just looked at my friends with so much love. I felt at peace, and I felt that we were all surrounded by this peace. We were all embraced by this special being, by this light present here. When we finished, I only felt gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude in my heart and in my being."

IN workshop in Geelong, Australia, November 2017


"We could feel immense energy doing this as a group. I loved how our synchronised breathing sounded like the ocean waves, harkening back to when Masami likened us to a drop of the ocean—the same divinity is contained in that drop as in the whole universe. The IN is extremely peaceful and relaxing."


"Learning the IN was an amazing experience. You could feel the energy and concentration all around you and in you. The whole room was just full of positive energy."


"Since I learnt the IN, I have been consistently, diligently, lovingly and enthusiastically performing it. I just realized the change, recently, when people ask me how I am—instead of saying, ‘Well,’ I say, ‘RADIANT’!"