The Divine Spark IN

A new method for all people to awaken the divine spark within and create a world of peace and harmony


Be part of the global shift in consciousness and discover the true divine being that resides deep inside you


The Divine Spark IN is a meditation in motion—a spiritual tool that is easy for anyone to learn and to practice. 
We invite you discover the Divine Spark IN and join the growing number of people who are already seeing its benefits. 
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What is the Divine Spark IN?

Find out more about this beautiful practice for inner peace and world peace.

Origins of the Divine Spark IN

Read about the history and evolution of INs  from Byakko Shinko Kai.

Learning and teaching the IN

Guidelines for learning the Divine Spark IN and teaching it to others.

Words for inspiration

Masami Saionji describes the purpose and benefits of the Divine Spark IN

Comments from around the world

See what people have to say about learning the IN and making it part of their practice.

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