21. September 2020
A driftwood was made into a peace pole and its planting was celebrated with the Divine Spark IN.
20. September 2020
Divine Spark IN performed at various events around the world on the International Day of Peace.
31. July 2020
Trial online workshops to deeper the understanding of what the Divine Spark is.
01. March 2020
Divine Spark IN taught in Italy at the Festival of the East.
09. February 2020
Divine Spark IN workshop in Kosice, Slovakia.
11. June 2019
On June 11th 2019, a small group of teachers gathered for a Divine Spark IN workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel. One of the teachers was so impressed that she would love to do the DS IN workshop at her school with all the children.
28. May 2019
On May 28th, 2019, young people joined the Divine spark IN workshop at the annual Youth summer camp in Sorsogon in the Philippines under the guidance of Mario "Toots" Fungo, who has been doing peace activities with youth for many years.
25. May 2019
On May 25th 2019 in Seongju, South Korea at Won Buddhism education center, a small group of people from Japan, South Korea and China, who came here for the global citizen forum of Asian countries, joined the Divine spark IN workshop.
05. July 2018
On June 23rd, the Divine Spark IN was presented at the second Soul of WoMen conference held at the Allanton peace sanctuary in Scotland, UK.
25. April 2018
On May 20, 2018, the Divine Spark will be introduced to thousands of people around the world at the 2018 Symphony of Peace Prayers.