Words for inspiration


Why am I here? What can I do? How can I serve the world? We often turn to other people and other things in search of answers to these questions. But you have the ability to find the answers inside you, without depending on anyone or anything else.


You have the power and the wisdom to connect with the universe—with the divine spark—all on your own. 


Every choice and decision you make creates your life. That is why our choices are so important. When something happens in the world, how do we respond? What do we choose and decide and do? Negative thoughts and negative news attract more negativity, and this becomes a vicious cycle. Wars and other disasters are in turn created by these negative thought cycles.


The Divine Spark IN guides us to set out on a positive path. As we perform this IN—a universal sign language—over and over again in the course of our lives, our negative ways of thinking are transformed, and we are guided toward a connection with our inner divine spark. Eventually, we become the divine spark. 


The universal light is around us all the time, but we need our physical bodies to bring this light into the world. Electricity is everywhere around us, but without a lamp, that electricity cannot make light. Our physical vessels serve as lamps for bringing the universal light into this world.


The Divine Spark IN harmonizes the universal energy with the energy inside us. Forming the IN even once can shift the energy within us, changing the course of our life, and even transforming the lives of others. The harmonizing vibrations of the IN affect not only humanity, but all living beings, because we all have this divine energy within us. As we reawaken our divine spark, not only will humanity be reborn, but all life on the planet as well.


It is up to us to make this choice, to connect with our divine spark, opening the door for ourselves and for all humanity. The Divine Spark IN is the key to open the door.Let us choose this path, and show ourselves and the world that we arethe divine spark. Let us set out to transform our consciousness, for a future world of peace, harmony, and wellbeing.


May peace prevail on Earth.


— Masami Saionji