What is the Divine Spark IN?


The Divine Spark IN (also known as the IN for Awakening to Humanity’s Divine Spark) urges us to awaken to the truth that we human beings are, by nature, sacred existences, filled with infinite love, infinite wisdom, and infinite ability. It guides all humanity toward a rebirth of our sacred consciousness—our divine spark.


The word IN (印, pronounced “een”) is a Japanese word similar in meaning to the Sanskrit word mudra. It is a kind of sacred sign language — a combination of hand and arm movements, deep, peaceful breathing, and, sometimes, accompanying vocal sounds that together attune us to the universal laws of harmony. 


The Divine Spark IN is a spiritual tool that guides us to gently reconnect with the source of our being — the higher aspect of ourselves — reawakening the divine spark that lies dormant within each of us, so that we can naturally unlock our inner resources and find balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine energies present within all of us.


A path to peace in our turbulent world


In today’s world, it can often seem as though there is little hope for humankind. However, the phenomena that we are witnessing today are not an end, but the beginning of a rebirth of humanity’s divine consciousness — a rebirth that will forge the most radiant, shining era since the dawn of human history.


The Divine Spark IN urges us toward this global shift in consciousness that will, in time, bring about the creation of a truly peaceful world, where the spiritual and the material coexist in harmony.


When we, as fellow human beings, form this shared IN, we are perfectly joined together in a sacred bond. A ray of light penetrates and purifies our human hearts and minds that have been closed off by walls of nationality, ethnicity, and religion, by segregation and discrimination. And one by one, we naturally recall the sacred, divine existence of every human being.


How it works


Although electricity is around us all the time, we need an instrument, such as a lamp, to make use of that energy. When we plug in a lamp and switch it on, it illuminates the space around us. Similarly, the universal light is all around us all the time, but we need some instrument, or tool, to anchor this light in the physical world. The Divine Spark IN acts like an antenna that lets our physical bodies become vessels for anchoring the universal light.


In our daily lives, news events and personal struggles can put us into a vicious cycle of negative thinking. As we make the IN part of our regular, daily practice, our habitual ways of thinking give way to a subtle inner awakening that transforms us from within. We become brighter and more selfless, with a strong wish to contribute to the good of humanity. Eventually, we ourselves become a ladder of light, guiding all human beings to evolve and uplift themselves.


The vibrations of the IN also ripple outward, spreading to our family, our community, our nation, and the entire planet. Through the Divine Spark IN, we embark on both a personal and a global transformation, through which humanity will create a beautiful, loving, joyous, and harmonious world.