Soul of WoMen Conference, Scotland, UK

On June 23rd, Ms. Rika Saionji opened the second Soul of WoMen conference held at the Allanton peace sanctuary in Scotland, UK.


With a beautiful and vibrant speech, she offered her deep gratitude to all in attendance and to the organizers for holding such an important theme conference that explores the return of the feminine divine principle and its masculine aspect, in ourselves, in turn in our societies.


When each and everyone reconnects to his her inner divine spark that sleeps deep in the heart of humanity, regardless, such a society based on an harmonized, well balanced healed feminine and masculine energies will emerge naturally.


To close her speech on the subject of the divinity within, Ms. Saionji introduced the beautiful Divine Spark IN (mudra), encouraging all in attendance who could join her to do so.


Many people who didn’t know the mudra joined her in a joyful, sacred moment of pure intent.